Should Casinos Protect Cheater's Privacy?

Why do a lot of online poker sites insist on safeguarding the privacy and well-being of people that are known to be dishonest in the game and are banned from playing from other online poker sites? If someone was apprehended during a major online poker tournament because of cheating and you wrote to the customer support of the online casino to get an explanation of what happened, you are told that the matter is private and the names of the suspects cannot be released to you.

Why is protecting the identity of these offenders important to the casino? Online poker rooms should divulge the names of the offenders because these would help solve cheating online. Offenders will think twice before doing something if they know that their names will be revealed to the public.

Like if you are involved with the financial market and are caught red handed on committing a financial related crime, your name will be posted on the website for people to be aware on what you have done. Why should be the rules when there is someone who committed questionable activities be different? Some of the most notorious triple-account offenders are live poker players that participate in some online tournaments.

If you have the chance, ask them and some will probably answer you that they do not see a problem with having a triple account online in an online casino. If casinos catch some people doing something unacceptable, they should directly name them and shame them in front of the playing public.

It will only help the cause of the cheater because their identity has been hidden by the casino and they can just play anywhere without any fear that they will be found again. Securing their own site is effective but the poker rooms are removing this concept by not revealing the names of the people that been caught red-handed.

Bigger poker rooms should be helping each other and exchanging information regarding players that they have caught cheating while playing in their site. It would also be a big help if online companies would create a database of those people that have been previously caught cheating.

These people should be banned so that they cannot cheat again on any online casino. A good and honest customer should be given the chance to know these kind of details. Casinos should not hide these kind of things from their customers.

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